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RebelTalk Book: The Founders Repainting the World

Rebels come in all forms. But for us, there is nothing more rebellious than refusing to accept the status quo and creating something from scratch. With that type of rebellion comes great responsibility as well as wounds – some of which run deep.

Being a startup founder is a daily battle of one’s beliefs against the world. We’re on a mission to tell the human stories from startup founders at every stage of growth.

In our first RebelTalk book, five rebel entrepreneurs share stories of heroism, stupidity and honesty; with themes as serious as the mental health problems that often face sole founders, the struggles that come with fundraising, the ever-changing journey from startup to scale-up and the realities of being a successful founder.

Here are the rebels you’ll meet:

These stories may not persuade you to cash in everything and go off on your own, but they will give you rare insight into the tech startup bubble. We promise you’ll walk away with a better sense of the determination and hustle it takes to be a true rebel.

If you’re wanting to hear stories from troublemakers who think differently, but like to listen through your headphones instead – no problem, we’ve got you covered. Our fortnightly podcast features rebels from all walks of life.

If you or someone you know is keen to share the trials and truths from startup-land, get in touch.